Essay on No Choirboy Written By Susan Kuklin

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Today, there are only three different countries一Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran, who sentence the death penalty to people that have yet to turn eighteen. Before the Supreme Court’s 2005 decision in Roper v. Simmons, the United States used to be on that list. After the Supreme Court’s decision, anyone who was on death row for crimes that they had committed prior to turning eighteen were put off death row. Instead, they were sentenced to life without parole. No Choirboy written by Susan Kuklin, looks into five different stories of people who were affected by the death penalty in the United States prior to the Supreme Court’s 2005 decision. In one of her most popular books, Kuklin interviews three men who were sentenced to death before the age of eighteen, a family of a man who was executed, a victim’s family, and an attorney who represented two of the men that Kuklin interviewed. Kuklin majored in theater at New York University and studied acting at Herbert Berghof School. While attending graduate school, she began to direct plays. Kuklin has been writing many types of books throughout her lifetime, which most of them are directed towards young adults. Most of the time, the text is from the point of view of the people that she interviews. She never puts her thoughts and opinions on her book, it’s all about the people. No Choirboy catches people 's eyes just by the text on the front and back cover of the book. Its small and to the point message gets the reader’s attention, making…

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