Essay about No Child Left Behind And The Common Core Standards

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Mrs. Murphy’s answers to the interview questions were very enlightening and only one was surprising. With all of the complaints and controversy I had previously heard about No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Standards, it was surprising to hear a teacher speak of the two in such a positive, supportive light. Mrs. Murphy not only stated that she supported the implementation of both ideas, but also that effective teachers should simply do what is best for their students with or without a requirement. Hearing this side of the argument in so few words made me rethink my own opinion of NCLB and Common Core, and view them more positively. In addition to the interview, Mrs. Murphy also allowed me to learn through the observations. In my time spent at Central Elementary in Mrs. Murphy’s second grade classroom, I learned many new things, as well as extended my understanding of some previously studied concepts. One revelation that I had while in Mrs. Murphy’s room is that conflict can simply be ignored, instead of intervened repeatedly. She would continue with her lesson if two students were feuding, as long as the situation wasn’t becoming too heated, which allowed her to take advantage of more instruction time. Another thing that I learned is that no matter how great the teacher, young children are simply hard to control due to their short attention spans. Mrs. Murphy wouldn’t take it to heart if three of the seventeen students were distracted or not paying attention…

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