Essay on No Child Left Behind Act

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On January 8, 2002, The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The No Child Left Behind Act is a federal law which gives money for educational assistance to improve students which have not reached expected academic level. Even though, The No Child Left Behind was signed into law it’s main attempt was to illuminate the National Standards. The National Standards are tools that provide teachers with accurate utensils to understand the estimated expected levels of achievement for a specific age group, environment curriculum, gender and grade. How can the National Standard benefit each student 's by improving academically ?The purpose of the National Standard is to measure achievement from every student individually and compare the achievement with the level efficiency curriculum assumed. Also, it improve techniques in learning and teaching, however, it provides the students with an increase in the learning process. National Standards has a common core standard that differ between each state. Many states had to improve their student achievement and teaching quality. The Common Core Standard allows the Board of Education to provide teachers with techniques they deliver to their students to hopefully teach them strategies to comprehend the curriculum effectively. At the end of each semester or even trimester, each student will be given a test which evaluate their knowledge on the curriculum assigned materials. Every test that has been…

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