No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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No Child Left Behind

“No Child Left behind Act” was presented in 2001 by President Bush and then signed into law on January 8, 2002. The purpose of this law was to improve student’s achievement in America’s educational system. Since this act was implemented, 43 states have asked and have been granted waivers to allow them relief from having to comply with NCLB. President Bush’s idea was that all states would have met the requirements by 2014. Ever since NCLB was passed in 2004 many states have not met some of the goals that are outlined in this Act, because of this some schools might not be getting funds and because there are no funds in the schools they have to cut programs (Nassap, 2006). Even gifted students are being affected because their programs are being cut also (Hardy, 2006). This is affecting both low-scoring students and high-scoring students."No Child Left behind Act" does more damage than good in schools, as it eliminates meritocratic education and focuses more on testing than teaching.
NCLB, was Bush and his administration attempt to help close public schools gaps between the minority and low income students. The gap between the white student and the low income student was large. This act was created to give all students no matter their background a fair opportunity to receive a good education from the public school system. NCLB requires all states to establish academic standards and hold statewide testing in order for all students to succeed in public…

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