Essay on Nlp in English Language Teaching

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The purpose of this presentation is to determine the use of NLP in language teaching. In this study, in the first part, some background information was given about what Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) is, and whether NLP was used in language teaching before. To put forward whether NLP is effective in language teaching, general questions related to NLP are to be asked to language teachers in questionnaires and interviews. The collected data were analyzed in tables and graphics by using numerical system. According to the findings, the hypothesis and the results were once more examined in the conclusion part.


Language learners generally think that learning a language is a long and a difficult
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Learning effective behaviors is viewed as a problem of skill learning. It is dependent on moving from stages of controlled to automatic processing. (O'Connor and McDermott 1996:6). Modeling is also central to NLP views on learning:

Modeling a skill means finding out about it, and the beliefs and values that enable them to do it. You can also model emotions, experiences, beliefs and values…Modeling successful performances leads to excellence. If one person can do something it is possible to model and teach others how to do it. (O'Connor and McDermott 1996:71).

NLP can be explained from different aspects:
The neuro part of NLP is concerned with how we experience the world through our five senses and represent it in our minds through neurological processes.

The linguistic part of NLP is concerned with the way the language we use shapes, as well as reflects, our experience of the world. We use language to represent the world to ourselves and to embody our beliefs about the world and life. If we change the way we speak and think about things, we can change our behavior. We can also use language to help other people who want to change.

The programming part of NLP is concerned with training ourselves to think, speak, and act in new and positive ways in order to release our potential and reach those heights of achievement which we previously only

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