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Executive Summary

This report consists of an analysis of a managerial role in the design department of a shoe manufacturing company. The manager has interdependency with a number of stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization. His team, top management and the clients are the prime focus in analyzing the interdependencies. The manager has to ensure that the samples are made by performing the required tasks as efficiently as possible and delivering the desired products to its prestigious clients. A few motivational theories can be utilized; as employees are the greatest asset of any organization therefore it is highly imperative to
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For this purpose, the other employees of the design department and various other departments work in collaboration to carry out this goal. In this report, the mangers’ role is analyzed in context with the achievement of this goal.
In order to assess this managerial role, numerous amounts of information and data is used accordingly. The complete function of the design department is analyzed with respect to the manager’s role and other interrelated parties. For this purpose, information regarding the design process is used which is of technical nature. Other secondary source such as company information is also incorporated in this report. However, the main source of information used in most part of this report is directly collected from the manager of the design room.
As this report consists of the managerial role who is a third person, as a result it may contain certain biases, since the information collected from the manager regarding his job and other parties related to him may be partially one sided. He may not possess a perfect idea of the way of learning of other individuals related to him, especially if they are from outside the organization.
Company Background
ABC Ltd is ranked amongst the most modern footwear production factories in Pakistan and is technologically comparable to the best in the business worldwide. It aims to deliver high quality footwear to customers, with the best price quality ratio in time.

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