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Survey Camp Report
Group 3
The Technical University of Kenya

Group 3 thanks the entire School of Surveying and Geospatial Sciences for the exercise, Dr. Wayumba in particular for making it a success. The group also thanks Mr. Wangili, Mr. Shabola and Mr. Kayako for their time and dedication in the field. Their assiduous supervision and patronage throughout the entire exercise was invaluable.

Table of Contents MEMBERS: 4 INTRODUCTION 5 OBJECTIVES 5 SURVEY TASKS 6 DAILY SURVEY TASKS 6 DAY ONE- Saturday, 14thJune 2014 6 DAY TWO- Sunday, 15thJune 2014 7 DAY THREE- Monday, 16thJune 2014 7 DAY FOUR- Tuesday, 17th June 2014 8 DAY FIVE-Wednesday, 18th June 2014 9 DAY SIX-Thursday, 19thJune 2014 9
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This report is a technical account of the various activities the students in Group 3 engaged in on a daily basis whilst at the University of Nairobi Kibwezi Field Survey Station.
The objectives of the two-week activity were as follows: * To expose the students to real-life scenarios surveyors encounter in the field from time to time * To educate the students on how to best deal with real life challenges albeit in a diligent manner as a surveyor should * To confer on the students a taste of the real-life conditions pertaining to data collection, processing, and presentation of the findings in a presentable manner. * To expose students to the various surveying equipment and instruments, including levels and theodolites, and perfect their individual skills in using each of them in real life situations.

The following is the sequential account of the activities the group engaged in: i. Triangulation around the field station for the purpose of fixing control points ii. Levelling from the field station to Kisayani town iii. Topographical survey of the field station iv. Running a traverse around the field station for the purpose of cadastral survey work
DAY ONE- Saturday, 14thJune 2014
Group 3 kicked off the survey camp by familiarizing with the survey equipment. In so doing, the group performed model operations using the

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