Nitro-Junkie And Badmotorjam Analysis

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Nitro-junkie & Badmotorjam

I have a natural appreciation for muscle cars, classic automobiles, motorcycles et al. I also love movies, and my penchant for these appreciations means life stories are analogous to all things with engines and celluloid. What’s even better is there is never a shortage of stories to tell. Last week’s adventure at the pump was eye opening for me anyway. Yet, I have noticed that whenever someone sticks their neck out to write about the topic of masculinity, some people react more like frozen lug nuts as they stubbornly resist the torque of new information. Fear not, I have neither desire to judge nor justify.

However, writing about the masculine side of sexuality reminds me of trips to an auto parts store. The attendants
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"No," I said calmly as I had heard that if you use soft tones and don’t make eye contact, they move on quickly. SQUEAK-Clip-CLOP, SQUEAK-Clip-CLOP. He took a few more steps as he leaned on the counter right next to me. "Well, then you know what you 're in for then?" He smelled like peanuts and burned rubber. I knew that last question was the scare tactic, but I didn 't flinch; not even a nervous eye dart. SQUEAK-Clip-CLOP. He closed the space between us by half and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Definitely peanuts, maybe popcorn and burned rubber, I thought to myself to distract from wanting to bolt. "Son, they just don 't make cars like they used to.” He lifted his arm and dragged is OD green field jacket and oil stained hands across his beard. His nose whistled as he inhaled while the long facial hair audibly scraped across the canvas sleeve. Yeah, he was that …show more content…
I may not be an expert at mechanics or much else for that matter, but what I observed last week was a young man who looked more like an awkwardly dressed Ken doll rather than a cool biker dude with swagger. He just couldn 't quite pull it off. Why was that of any importance to me? Live and let live is my mantra so why not just tip my hat and move on. Am I slowly turning into the old man from the auto parts store tantamount to Jeff Goldblum 's transformation in The Fly? There may be some truth in that, but I think what I was focused on was the lack of substance behind the

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