Nissan 's Innovation Weaved Into Ma ' Africa Essay

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Nissan’s innovation weaved into Ma’ Africa

About twenty years ago, Nissan set foot in Africa. At the time, Nissan imported and shipped its vehicles directly from Japan, appointing traders with a focus on sales with not much else happening.

By the start of the 21st century, several automotive manufacturers grasped Africa’s enormous potential, and suddenly, distributors and small manufacturing plants set up shop all over in emerging Africa counties.

By 2005, the industry was starting to take strong hold. By then, Nissan already threaded a trading network across the continent with an acute understanding of Africa’s complexities.

“But it was only during 2008 when we really took control of our destiny in Africa,” says Jim Dando, General Manager of Nissan Africa Regional Office.

Dando is responsible for all exports and inter-company business in Africa, GCC countries and in Europe. He explains, “Our vision for expansion in Africa, was to establish strong partners in key countries or regions with high GDP growth.”

Through the Renault–Nissan Alliance cross-shareholding agreement - which was formed in March 1999 during a time when the auto industry was in a period of rapid consolidation – Nissan opened a manufacturing complex in Tangiers’ Med Port area in Morocco during February 2012.

According to Nissan, the plant was the world’s first zero carbon and zero effluent automotive plant with annual production capacity of 400,000 vehicles.

In December 2012, Japan’s Toyota Tsusho…

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