Nineteen Dogs By Andre Alexis Essay

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Fifteen dogs with human intelligence. This is the basis of the novel Fifteen Dogs written by Andre Alexis. It is a story that forces one to ponder many topics about how intelligence affects the individual, especially an individual who has never experienced it before. Love and Power are two topics that arise frequently, and this novel demonstrates that the two exist independently of one another and that life is the journey of trying to find the perfect balance of each. Whether it is obvious or not a beings life is a constant battle of finding: power to control others, love for others, and attempting to join both.
The power to have control over others has a compelling grasp on many individuals lives. The story of Fifteen Dogs shows that this pure thirst for power ultimately has a negative effect on an individual especially ones who have a leadership role within a group. In the book when Atticus shows his strong feelings against the existence of Majnoun in the pack and his perspective on their new found intelligence he says “We can go back to the old way of thinking. This new thinking leads away from the pack.” Atticus feels as though the new way of thinking gives the dogs too much freedom and as a result he wants to force the rest of the pack to think as they used too. Anyone who did not comply with his request was killed or forced to leave the pack, for example when Majnoun and Prince both left because they felt as though their lives were in danger. Atticus’s need to…

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