Nike Sweatshops Behind The Swoosh Analysis

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In the United States, we enjoy the luxury of choosing from many different types of fashion without having to worry about making it ourselves. In addition, we can go home to a clean house, spend money on unnecessary items and enjoy sleeping in on a Saturday morning. However, in other areas of the world, many people do not have these privileges. In places like China and Indonesia, some people are forced to work in inhumane sweatshops, risking life and limb for very little pay. They stay in filthy living conditions, often suffering from disease and lack of resources. In China, workers work seven days a week for long hours and are either injured or receive fatal diseases from the heavy machinery that they use. Women can rarely get maternity leave or childcare and often have to send their …show more content…
Most multinational corporations that use sweatshop workers originated in the United States. Companies like Nike, Walmart, and Disney are all responsible for overworking and exploiting thousands of people in foreign countries. Even though these U.S. companies make millions of dollars off of these workers, they often refuse to acknowledge their suffering and try to avoid people that want to expose the injustices in sweatshops. For exmaple, in "Beyond the Swoosh," Jim Keady tried multiple times to get in contact with Indonesian Nike headquarters and with the CEO of Nike himself. Yet every time, he was ignored or simply told by head officials that they were too busy to hear about sweatshop workers. Instead of ignoring the blatant fact that people are literally dying for the sake of fashion, U.S. companies should try finding other ethical ways to make quality

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