Essay on Nike Rhectorical

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Richard Jones
Nike Americans everyday procrastinate on goals and achievements, wishing of getting out and obtaining their personal ambitions. Although everyone wishes to be the best, success relieves on the drive the athlete has inside. Imagine a shoe that can increase that motivational drive. The Nike text creates a conceptual situation that any Nike products can make you perform better. Nike is one of America’s top sportswear brand that bring tons of Rhetorical Analysis with their advertisement. Nike goal is to bring inspiration and motivation to every athlete in the world. NIKE designs, develops, and sells a range of products and services to help in playing basketball and soccer, as well as in running, men's and
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Nike brings a thought to the audience to make them think they need to wear Nike to be like LeBron. The message is saying to athletics if you want to be like Lebron you have to wear Nike. Nike has sponsored the best players in sports since the 1960s. It will be logical if the best players wear the best sportswear. The emotion in the video Nike brings is inspiration. LeBron plays one on one with a kid and gives him his Nike sneakers afterwards. Kids in America are inspired by lebron will do anything to be like him. The rhetoric appeal of Ethos in the commercial is using a famous player such as Lebron. In this commercial, he showcased hi skills in dominating the one on one basketball game. Lebron is known for their high level of play in basketball as well as his well-mannered behavior in the media. The target audience will recognize Lebron, if not all, and immediately give Nike creditability. Using Youtube videos is a new to Nike. Back in the 1990s there was no Internet to for people to be on Youtube. Facebook is one of the many ways to keep update on people and things that interest us. People repost photos, leave comments, and like pages. Nike’s Facebook page uses a lot of pictures for its audience. Pictures bring emotion to the audience. It makes the audience feel like he is in the intensity of the game. More people are connected to Facebook than the

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