Nike Marketing Techniques

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Register to read the introduction… This might involves finding out about customer’s interest, competitors and the overall marketing environment. Primary and secondary research would be beneficial for Nike when planning their market because they are an established company with a lot of competitors.

Primary research will benefit Nike because it’s the collection of first hand information. For example, Nike may choose to hand out questionnaires in order to find out what customers think about their product or service. Questionnaires are beneficial because it is a relatively quick way to collect information, therefore Nike don’t need to waste time trying to obtain information from various different sources. However, questionnaires might not be trust worthy because customers may not have the time to answer the questions correctly.
Another example will be to conduct interviews with customers because responses from interviews are usually based on personal experience. Nike can find out information about their products and services based on a customer’s experience. In contrast, interviews are time consuming thus customers may answer questions wrongly just to save
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The iphone 5c is different because it’s plastic and no other organisation has released a plastic phone before, this will help separate apple from its competitors, which is a good marketing technique. The marketing technique they used seemed to have worked, because they sold a record breaking nine million new iphone 5s and 5c models, just three days after they were launched.

Apple also keeps adding something new to their products whether it’s an update or a new app or feature. Adding something new to your business helps create opportunity to get more sales. For example, the iphone 5s is more or less the same as the iphone 5 except it has the finger print lock system, this enables customers to unlock their phones with their finger print, and this will attract more customers to buy the product. They also add new updates,

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