Nike Finace Analysis Essay

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A Financial Ratio Quarterly Trend Analysis of

Nike, Inc.

Stock symbol: NKE

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Prepared for:
Dr. Edward Lawrence
Department of Finance
Florida International University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course:
FIN 6406

This financial ratio quarterly trend analysis was composed for Nike International. The U.S –based company was started in 1964 with $500, with its main office being the trunk of a green Plymouth Valiant1. Originally started by Bill Bowerman, a nationally respected track and field coach at the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight, an accountant, who also happened to be a talented middle-distance runner from Portland2. Knight
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• Researching a company with such level of recognition supported easier access to information for internationally based team members, as one of our team members is currently overseas in France
1 Nike Company Heritage (n.d). Retrieved on April 19, 2013 from 2 Nike Company Heritage.(n.d) Retrieved on April 19, 2013 from 3 Nike Company Heritage. Retrieved on April 19, 2013 from 4 Nike Business Information. Retrieved on April 19, 2013 from
Using various financial websites such as Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Daily Finance, and Nike, our group was able to obtain financial statements and trading information for NKE and its closest competitor, Titan Industries Ltd. We obtained financial statements from Nike to analyze the company’s quarterly

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