Nike Competitive Advantage

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Register to read the introduction… The company’s core competencies are high quality products; recognizable brand to consumers; and a reputable brand among marketers and retailers. Nike will enhance these competencies through marketing efforts to supply consumers’ demand for the finest sportswear. The company has the capacity to readily respond to changing trends and customers’ preferences. We spend a great deal of time in R&D to produce products that exceed consumers’ expectations. Not only are Nike’s products meant to improve athletes’ performance in sports; but, Nike places the needs of the average population at the center of its marketing planning (Byrne, 2011). As part of this consumer centered approach the company uses its brand and affiliate brands to provide products that meet a wide range of consumer preferences. Nike’s competitive advantages surpass that of its competitors and will halt any attempts to substitute Nike’s …show more content…
2011. Internal Factors | W E A K N E S S * Nike is under the radar for its factories’ labor in Asia. (work environment, wages, working age…etc). * High product prices compared to the low product costs. * Week status in the clothing and equipment selling.(Exhibit 4) | O P P O R T U N I T I E S * #1 in the footwear athlete market (Exhibit 2). * Nike has factories around the globe. * Strong status in the shoe selling(Exhibit 4). * Unique value proposition. | External Factors | | S | W | O | T | | | S T R E N G T H S * More women are buying athletic footwear (Exhibit 2). | T H R E A T S * Unstable politically in the Middle East and North Africa. * Adidas “the competitor” is producing more footwear with unique identity for each product and lower prices. | |
SWOT Analysis
Exhibit 6
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The introduction of Nike Plus (Nike+), Apple service, products will record customer workouts on the internet and allow customers to also download music though their Apple account to facilitate new web service interaction. Customer will have the ability to do queries and further explore the calculated results of their exercise. Nike+ customers will also have the opportunity to join an easy to navigate social network developed by Nike for runners to share results and coordinate virtual teams and marathons. along with its retail stores will allow customers to design and order their own shoes enabling the company to manufacture customized creations meeting exact customer requirements of the value proposition – product, service, communications, and logistics. The design space of NikeTown retail locations will showcase all Nike product lines and honor those leading athletes who use Nike products. The store will be arranged as an exhibition hall of modern-day sports that promotes the company and makes a clear assertion about its responsibility in sports and

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