Nike Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… There were workers in Indonesia who were waging complaints against Nike and its local supervisors. The workers were complaining that supervisors were throwing shoes at them, slapping workers in the face and calling them dogs and pigs (Huffington Post, 2011). Although Nike admitted the accusations were true, they blamed the abuse on contractors working in their factories. Indonesia workers, mostly females, went on to complain about making an average of $.50 an hour, which is only about enough to purchase food and bunkhouse lodging. One worker specifically mentioned that she was fired for taking a sick day, even after producing a doctor’s note. Six other workers complained of their supervisors forcing them to stand in the blazing sun for hours because the workers did not meet production deadlines. More workers complained of physical and verbal abuse including being forced to work over 60 hours a week and being forbidden to go the …show more content…
Since the 1990s, Nike has formed social networks with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting poverty (Nike, 2012). Nike has also co-founded the Homeless World Cup, which helps homeless people build camaraderie, resilience, and self-esteem by teaching and playing football. This organization is throughout 73 countries and helps approximately 50,000 people a year. Nike has also partnered with Magic Bus, an India-based initiative which provides children with activity-based programs and safe places to play. In China, Nike began an initiative with the Chinese government to connect children of migrant workers in 11 Chinese cities to promote confidence, teamwork, and social integration. Lastly, Nike created the Nike Foundation in 2007, which is a non-profit organization which helps adolescent girls access to education, sports, and adult mentorship. The skills these girls learn will hopefully help to prevent them from growing up and becoming homeless and living in poverty. Since its inception in 2007, the Foundation has committed over $100 million to programs and partners benefiting adolescent girls. Nike has also founded and funded natural disaster recovery efforts by partnering with Mercy Corps, CARE, and Moving Forward initiatives. They help to rebuild schools as well as local sports and community centers throughout the world after natural disasters. Lastly, Nike launched WE Portal in 2010 which is available to all Nike employees. The WE Portal is worldwide and links all Nike employees with one another and helps employees build relationships around social and environmental issues they care about. Any donations employees make through the WE Portal are matched by Nike and employees can even earn points for donating to volunteering in their communities. These points can then be used at the Portal’s marketplace for products to be donated to

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