Analysis Of Nike's Just Do It Campaign

Nike, the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world with subsidiaries in over 200 countries across the world, has attempted to keep itself on the cutting edge of technology. Nike has been launching new innovative advertisements from time to time. The “Just Do It” campaign by Nike is a brilliant example of a branding campaign that tapped into the values and purpose of Nike’s brand values and brand purpose.
The purpose of a campaign is to deliver a prospective consumer to the point of sale. The goal of most product campaigns is to educate and prepare the consumer to exhibit purchasing behavior, so that their company may become the leader in its market. If a brand is to become iconic, to become a world-class
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They have certain uplifting and inspiring qualities that can also energize the internal culture of a company. Such a deep brand purpose can be described as the intersection of three circles of influence. The first one recounts to understanding an underlying social tension that needs resolving. The second circle relates to a core brand truth that expresses reasons for a brand’s very existence. And the last one connects a specific unmet consumer need in a way that the brand can legitimately address. The Nike brand was only speaking to a narrow range of male athletes in competitive sports arenas. Nike needed to widen the access point in its brand communication model to become relevant to wider circles of people. That what led to the creation of “Just Do It” which allow to emanate a level of soulfulness in communications that people crave and unlock hidden energy and vitality on the brand …show more content…
And that goes to its faith. The spirit of ambitious and patience just represents the strength to face all problems and solve them. Nike’s marketing strategy is the best because it made people think they are the best. “Just Do It” is a logo but also a life style that helped and encouraged people to believe in themselves and insist on their faith. This campaign touches all the variety of people because it’s such a positive inclusive message. It says each one of us doesn’t need to be technically amazing, as long as we try and do our own personal best. The message inspires everyone. Action is better than no action, that what pushed people to take risks and try something new. That what’s Nike tried and succeeded to address to its audience and that its products are there to back them up and help them accomplish their personal

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