Nightingale As An Amazing Nurse Essay

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Because Nightingale was such an amazing nurse, the secretary of war called to use her skills in the Crimean War. Great Britain and France went to battle with Russia in the Crimea in 1854 (“Nightingale, Florence” 216). The British people were upset when they found out their troops had been called into battle without enough supplies and were going to die under awful conditions (“Nightingale, Florence” 216). By 1854, no less than 18,000 soldiers had been taken in into military hospitals ( Editors 2). There were no female nurses placed at hospitals in the Crimea at the time ( Editors 2) because of the bad reputation of previous nurses ( Editors 2). The secretary of war asked Nightingale to be head of nursing (“Nightingale, Florence” 216) and asked her to assemble a group of nurses to tend to the ill and killed soldiers in the Crimea in 1854 ( Editors 2). Nightingale rose to her vocation ( Editors 2) and assembled a party of 38 nurses, everyone from different religious orders, for service in the Crimean War (Farnsworth 133). Nightingale and her nurses arrived at Constantinople on November 4, 1854 (Dossey 121). Although they were told about the awful conditions there, nothing could have braced them for what they spotted when they reached Scutari, the British base hospital in Constantinople ( Editors 3). The hospital where Nightingale worked as a beat-up Turkish barrack that as rat-infested, filthy, and…

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