Night Written By Elie Wiesel Essay

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Imagine a world concealed in a concentration camp where a person would live only to survive until the next day, and to run away from the devouring thing called “death.” Eliezer is a Holocaust survivor who experienced the ghastly event in his memoir called Night written by Elie Wiesel. He wrote about his separation from his family members except from his father. They are sent to many ghettos and concentrations camps. They witnessed sickening and countless scenes of executions, burnings, and deaths. Throughout their nightmarish journey, Eliezer and his father started to develop a caring and protective father-son relationship. They encountered other father-son relationships that were different from Elie and his father’s. Their relationship would be described as every man for himself. The way Elie and his father stayed together and relied on each other throughout their experience can be shown through the theme of family commitment. There are other families who do have a father-son relationship, but their suffering shown in their battle over a piece of bread to the brink of death and their abandonment on each other for their survival have turned their relationship into the theme of self-preservation. The theme of family commitment is more important when faced with an experience such as the Holocaust.
Elie and his father overcame many obstacles in their horrific experience in the Holocaust with the theme of family commitment. They conquered them with the theme of family…

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