Night Out Vs Go Out Essay

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A Night Out VS. A Night on the Couch

Depending on the individual one prefers to spend the night in, rather than go out. The decision is based on many different factors. Do I feel like driving to the theatre? Am I in the mood? Do I want to tolerate an annoying stranger’s chatter? Even though a movie theatres experience is one that is unexplainable, nothing beats the comfort of your own home.
I want to enjoy a good quality movie but I don’t want to spend too much money. When attending a theatre you have to take into consideration both ticket prices and concession. Depending on if you are planning on bringing family members’, prices can go from cheap to overpriced. Ticket prices normally range from $9.00 to $11.00 for adults and between $6.00 to $8.00 for children. If you were planning on bringing your significant other and three children you’ve already spent around $43.00 dollars on tickets alone. Renting DVDs today are relatively inexpensive. From Redbox which cost a dollar to rent a DVD of your choice per night to Netflix which gives you access to hundreds of films for the price of $8, staying in seems like the better option.
Everyone loves or enjoys something from the
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When watching a movie you should be as comfortable as possible. Being in theatres, the seats are usually plush. The way they’re positioned though isn’t something that can be altered. Throughout the duration of the film the way the chair is made is how you will remain. In an upright L position where your neck is either too far back or not far enough. In your own home which grants you privacy, allows you to decide if you would like to lie down or sit up and further that thought to what location. Watching movies at home are more convenient because if their just so happens to be more than one individual who would like to watch something other then what you want to watch they have that option, in another part of the

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