Night I Went And Attended Girls Life Play Directed By Grant Mcgowen At The Pinch ' N ' Ouch

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Friday night I went and attended Girls Life play directed by Grant McGowen at the Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theater. There were 6 main actors and actresses – Janie played by Christie Vozniak, Liza played by Alexa Staudt, Diana played by Jackie Costello, Catey played by Jordan Demers, Jack played by Omer Mughal and Alex played by Pedro Ferreira. Janie’s character was very bubbly and energetic, always talking about herself and her now ex-boyfriend, Alex. He raped her after a party and to defend herself from any future incidents, she reported him and filed a lawsuit against him. Catey and Liza had a love affair, but on the other hand Catey had a boyfriend with whom she was going to get married. Diana was a married woman, but fell in love with her personal trainer, Alex. Their affair and feelings for one another got too serious and to the point that Diana had to have a divorce.
1.) The one particular event that moved me and impressed me in the play was near the end when Diana stood up and said her toast for Catey’s wedding. She was in a black perfectly fitted dress and a ray of light was projected onto her, making her stand out in the “crowd”. As everyone expected, she first talked very highly of Catey and described how they met as college students in a sorority. Diana was Catey’s big, and Catey was Diana’s small. She elaborated on their relationship and how they loved each other and did everything together. After talking about all the happy memories, her speech took a more depressing…

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