A Mid Night's Dream Research Paper

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My Experience:
A Mid(Winter) Night’s Dream
On November 16, 2016 at 8pm, I attended a play entitled A Mid(Winter) Night’s Dream. Since I myself know very little about shakespearean plays, I walked in expecting a dramatic, serious play, but was shook to realize that it was actually a hilarious comedy. I brought a friend to watch the play with me, and even she was saying how much she loved it while walking out of the theatre. Not only was the play overall remarkable, but it also showed many lessons on life. The play was mostly about loves difficulty within four characters, Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demetrius. The play also shows us the works of destiny. And lastly, a main theme throughout the entire play are dreams. To begin with, as soon
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The only thing that broke their love was the magical potion, which was not their decision. I believe that there is love that is as strong as theirs. Hermia’s father was against their love from the start, he wanted Hermia to marry Demetrius. But, she had other plans. She listened to what her heart told her and in the end her and Lysander got married. In my personal experience, I have noticed that sometime parents may disagree with your significant other, but at the end of the day, it is only you that knows what the right and wrong thing to do is. I believe that there is a message throughout this entire play, that against all odds, love always prevails. But, although there seems to be a lot of drama in this play, A Mid(Winter) Night’s Dream is not a romance, it is a comedy, in which the audience is invited to laugh out the different ways in which love can make us blind, foolish and even desperate. So, although some may see the inner working within the play, at the end of the day the play is meant for …show more content…
In my perspective, I feel like the actors did an outstanding job portraying the characters they were playing. They all did a great job portraying the comedy in the play, which was my favorite part of the play (I could not stop laughing for my life). I was drawn into the play the whole time, as if I was a part of their play. I could barely even notice any “forced” acting because it all seemed so natural. Also, they did a remarkable job flowing every scene or point. I did not notice any breaks, where there was nothing going on. But, mostly I enjoyed the play because I was able to relate to a lot of the themes and was able to put myself in some of the characters shoes. I would definitely recommend this play to anybody who is looking for a good drama while also looking for a comedy in which you will not stop laughing. I had my eyes glued on the play the entire time, and honestly it was all worth

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