Night, By Elie Wiesel Essay

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Elie Wiesel 's Night, brings the reader into the horrifying and gruesome reality that Jews faced during the Nazi reign. Most historical accounts in books and movies explain the events from the mindset of an adult who is witnessing or witnessed the appalling acts done to his (or her) fellow Jews. What makes Night unique is that it provides the perspective of a young teenage male. Night is written in an autobiographical style and is engrossing to the reader. As the reader, I believe that Night is a very eye opening and fascinating read for an audience in the teenage years and beyond. It is never a let down and cultures the audience on an very crucial event to understanding why and how the anti semitism mindset of the Nazi culture lead to the death of millions of Jews and the near extinction of Polish Jews. Night was written in the 1950’s and published in 1960 in the United States of America. The book’s story line occurs in the middle of the Holocaust when the Jewish people were being persecuted and forced to live, work, and in most cases die in the forced labor concentration camps.

“They called him Moishe the Beadle as if his entire life he had never had an surname…” (Wiesel 1)

The introduction of the book gives way to a scene of a young teenage boy eager to follow a deep study in traditional Judaism. He vaguely understands that something is amiss in the world surrounding him as anti semitism slowly starts rotting his home city of Sighet. Everything is a calm and peaceful…

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