Nigeria, A Country With Over 140 Million People Essay

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Nigeria, a country with over 140 million people is located in West Africa. Nigeria has over 270 ethnic groups, each group has its custom, tradition and dialect. Although diverse in their way of live, Nigerians are unified by the language of death. For the sake of understanding, there are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, they are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Although rural-urban migration has caused us to live together, each ethnic group has its designated primary location. Although death is a common phenomenon in Nigeria, Nigerians view death from different perspective therefore, they grief in differs ways. Your culture influence your religion, it defines who you are and what you do when you grief.
Nigerians express their sadness by crying, mourning for several day and months. Depending on the religion, they grief for a long period of time. The Christians belief that a loved one would be seen when Jesus come, while some belief that there is life after death. Some also belief that their love ones are still living amongst them and protecting them from evil.
Death and Illness
Generally, Nigerians belief that when a person is sick, he or she is being punished for a wrong that has been committed by the parents or ancestors. Culturally, the traditional priest of the seer is called to consult the gods to determine the next course of action. If the cause of the sickness is as a result of the patient’s evil act, the family members may desert that person. When such person dies,…

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