Nietzsche's Criticism Of Religion

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Religious truth claims and religious institutional ideology have long been subjected to criticism. They are often laid out in the form of a critique where one expresses their opinion on the subject. Marx, Freud and Nietzsche have offered their own critiques on how they feel about religion. The one being most persuasive of all is that of Nietzsche with Marx being the least persuasive. Nietzsche’s opinion, to me, seems more appealing while Marx’s doesn’t seem to offer all that much. Nietzsche conveys his religious criticism in his book known as “The Anti-Christ”. He focuses on the religious institutional ideology of Christianity. He begins to describe it in Section 2 where he claims “Active pity for all the failures and all the weak: Christianity” …show more content…
It is unnatural to him. All religions and ideologies have been created by man. What makes what one person came up with more true than what another has? No one should have the power to make you believe that all you do is wrong. Every thought, word and action you commit to can harm you. If you promote sin and/or give into it, you are deemed to go to this place called hell. He doesn’t condemn all that Christianity imposes but most he despises. He influences one to re-think about religion. Religion doesn’t permit someone to want to do more and feel more fulfilled. Instead, it makes you restrict all that you do to a certain set of standards and morals. He drives me to rethink and question all that I know regarding my own religion which is …show more content…
They allow for me to picture in my head a society where what he said is actually believed by many instead of the few. Religion has come a long way throughout history, but it is something that will continue to live on. People will never be able to stop believing in something that just isn’t real. It’s like telling someone to start their whole life over living by a new set of truths and morals. Like Nietzsche said “Faith means not wanting to know what is true” (Nietzsche, Religion will continue to govern people’s lives if they never want to experience the truth. Truth is too much for most people to

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