Nietzsche 's Views On Morality And Religion Essay

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“Morality as Anti-Nature”, Nietzsche argues against religion, expressing that every religion and morality is founded on a general principle of “do this and that, refrain from this and that-then you will be happy”. Nietzsche observes that many of the rules of Christianity are both unnatural and anti-nature. To follow the church 's rules you would have to be a person with no passions, no cares, no interest in the world, and in some cases no self-identity at all. The only way to become happy is to be nothing; self-destroy and obey the church. Nietzsche believes, as a believer of God it will change our lives and fight against our natural instincts, ”Life has come to an end where the ‘kingdom of God’ begins”(350). I believe that religion holds more value than the general principle of “do this and that” to achieve that happiness that Nietzsche preached. Nietzsche 's atheist approach to morality and religion implies that he believes life has no meaning, ”Anti-natural morality-that is, almost every morality which has so far been taught, revered, and preached-turns, conversely, against the instincts of life...and posits God as the enemy of life (349-350)”. Nietzsche is implying that life is meaningless and that morality only exists as an attempt to establish meaning and structure to an existence lacking a divine order. Morals are not something we are born with, they are taught to us. Morals are what are acceptable in society, versus what is unacceptable in society.…

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