Nietzsche 's Views On Ethical Matters Essay

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Friedrich Nietzsche, a German Philosopher from the 19th century once said, “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”. Here, Nietzsche is expressing the importance of recognizing the variety of perspectives on ethical matters. Every human, from the beginning of childhood, is faced with situations where they must do the “right” thing. Over the years, we have formed opinions on the “right” way to live, which defines our behavior and our values in society. However, to lead a decent human life in coexistence with others, it is important to expand our knowledge of ethics beyond our own morality. Furthermore, without ethics, we would have no conscience, no morals, nothing to make us more dignified than a wild beast. Therefore, through it’s many branches, ethics can help us form our own intellectual view of the world.
The study of ethics is so broad that it may be separated into four different branches that often complete each other. Before one can even begin speaking of “rightness” or wrongness”, some believe that you must identify what these words mean. This is the study of meta-ethics which searches for the origins of right and wrong. However, some prefer to assume that right and wrong are fixed definitions. This is the study of normative ethics, which addresses issues of everyday life by examining the standards for right and wrong, to provide a general theory that tells us how we ought to live. Many leaders…

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