Nietzsche 's View On The Return Of Nature And Society Essay

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On the Return to Nature and Society in Decline
Initially the class discussion about Nietzsche’s rejection of morality had reassured me that believing in morality through reason was something necessary to human existence. However, in reading about his “return to nature” I realized that morality, at least as it’s known to us now, rejects emotional depth in favor of reason - something with which I can’t really agree. When reading the phrase “return to nature,” it’s difficult not think of images of barbarism and violence and struggle; but for Nietzsche a return to nature is “not a going back but a going up” (Twilight of the Idols, p. 89). I feel as though part of the original aversion I had to the concept of a return to nature was that it had little need for reason and analysis, both of which have been ingrained as critical to a functional society. However, I’m now unconvinced that reason is really as necessary as believed to be; rather, I feel there is much more power in using emotions as a guide for morality and the human existence than reason.
Emotions are the rawest form of nature that humans regularly interact with. Feelings and emotions are more complex and dynamic than the thoughts with which we try to understand them; there’s a rawness in emotions that doesn’t exist in carefully calculated thoughts and reason. Using reason as a means to conduct one’s life and moral compass is part of the response to one’s inability to fully realize their own emotions and use them as a…

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