Nietzsche 's View Of The Will Essay example

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First let us dissect Nietzsche view of the will to power. As with Schopenhauer Nietzsche sees all things are based off of our primal will. Everything that is, is caused by this will. There are some key difference between Schopenhauer’s view of the will and Nietzsche’s view of the will. The topic is quite large and deserves its own thesis but the basics are that Schopenhauer’s view of will lead him to believe that the best way to exist is to give up, that your existence is solely suffering. Nietzsche in his later writings goes against this thought by having the opinion that we should all live with a will to power that affirms our existence. And in this affirmation of the will there will be actions that are representative of a healthy will to power that should be considered to be what is morally right. His views seem somewhat like a social Darwinian application of morality. The strongest and smartest in society are the ones with the healthiest expression of the will. This will then can be contrasted that the weakest and lowliest in society likely have the unhealthiest expression of the will. This theory is brilliantly expressed in the Noble vs Slave model. In the English language when you speak of something in a descriptive sense even to this day calling something noble is affirming that it is what is good or what is right. A Noble action is one that is right. The expression of will depends on your ability to do so. In a society of Noble and slaves the Nobles have the…

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