Nietzsche 's Interpretation Of God Is Dead Essay

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There are few philosophical quotes as well know but misunderstood than Frederick Nietzsche’s quote “God is dead”. This phrase first appeared in an 1882 collection of Nietzsche’s work entitled The Gay Science and since then has be a prime example of the inherent controversy involved with philosophy. However, despite the phrase evoking strong reactions and being parodied in pop culture, very few people are aware of what it actually means. In order to understand what Nietzsche meant by “God is dead” one must first understand his theory on ethics, the larger context in it was written, and why he wrote it. A large portion of the frequent misunderstanding of Nietzsche and his work comes from the fact that he has a rather unusual approach to ethics in that he completely against them. In the On the Genealogy of Morality, Nietzsche attempts to recount the origins of modern morality from a biological stand point. He describes a prehistoric period in which humans were divided into two groups, “slaves” and “masters”, based on genetics, each with its own respective morality. This dichotomy of slave and master morality is best articulated with this quote from On The Genealogy of Morality, “Whereas all noble morality grows out of a triumphant saying ‘yes’ to itself, slave morality says ‘no’ on principle to everything that is ‘outside’, ‘other’, ‘non-self ’: and this ‘no’ is its creative deed.”(Nietzsche 10). Nietzsche felt that masters truly understood what was needed to live a good life…

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