Nickolas Cage Movie Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… He has done a few ok roles in my opinion but I do not hold him in high esteems. When playing Rick, I found him to have done a poor job of playing the character Rick was supposed to be. Rick was supposed to be a all about him, money is the world, and greed is good person. He was supposed to be a person that only thinks about what is in it for him and gets his way by bullying and getting on the good side of others. Nickolas Cage portrayed this, but it just to me did not seem believable. …show more content…
I did not find Gary Sinise or Carla Gugino to be all that great either. Carla Gugino I did not find played a good example of what her role needed. Yes she had some nerdy side to her, but someone that would be doing the job she had to do, in movies at least, would be a lot nerdier and I think smarter. Now being smart does not make you street smart at all, she still did not seem to fit the role I thought she needed to. Gary Sinise did come a lot closer to the role I thought he should be. He played a good disgruntled soldier who truly was looking out for the welfare of all soldiers. He just lost his path, and I think that Gary did a good job of showing this in his character.

9. Explain how one aspect of the film could be seen to fulfill the purpose of the chorus (see handout) in an actual Greek tragedy (you must come up with something).
I think the reporters helped to take the job that a chorus would fulfill. They were a third party that helped to give a different perspective but at the same time, filled in gaps that the audience needed to know. Specially at the end, where the whole story ended were different news scenes that showed Ricks fall from stardom into being seen as a villain who made one good

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