Nicki Minaj: A Feminist Analysis

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In today’s media-run pop culture society, most people have experienced this new wave of feminism, led by musical icons such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift. These superstars try to use their fame and influence to help and inspire young women around the world. Though sometimes they make mistakes, such as Taylor Swift posting on twitter, “I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.” in response to Minaj’s original tweet about not receiving a VMA (Warren). But as most young adults do, Swift quickly backed down and tried to make the situation right again, thanks to Minaj’s kind clarification where she reminded Taylor that the problem was not between them. Nicki Minaj’s revolutionary albums, her acknowledgement of the system which works against her, and the way she treats others even in adversity are all reasons why she is the number one feminist icon in America right now. Not only does she talk about women’s sexuality in a serious way, she encourages women to do with their body how they …show more content…
The man interviewing her responds to this by saying, “as opposed to a woman without a vagina?” as if to make a joke out of her phrase. Nicki simply responds, “Right”. She shuts him down quickly before he can create a joke, while also acknowledging that there are some women who do not have vaginas (Jones). There are many different aspects of Feminism that address people other than cisgendered white women. And it is important for anyone who calls themselves a feminist to become familiar with these aspects in order to see things as a non-privileged person would. Non intersectional feminism is like a one size fits all feminism, for all women to fit into the box of white cisgendered females (Uwujaren & Utt). Unfortunately, this type of feminism does not benefit a wide range of women. So at least one celebrity acknowledges and speaks on this

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