Nicholas Carr How Beneficial Is Google?

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How Beneficial Is Google?
As technology progresses, many people are now becoming skeptical and concerned about the effects of easy access information on the human mind. One of the first to write on this arising issue is Nicholas Carr, the author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. He believes that the excessive use of the internet fosters psychological trouble. It is evident that our ability to interpret text and retain the meaning of simple and complex words are now more than ever at risk. Carr suggest that the more we read and obtain information through search engines, text messages, and things of that medium, the less able we are to process and acknowledge deeper ideas (Carr 317). The quantity over quality principle does not apply here. It
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As humans, it is a nature instinct to feel fear when we are engaged in something harmful in manner. However, it is possible to be ignorant of that harm and have no fear. That is the case in this article. We are unknowingly being transformed toward restricted levels of thinking as we engage on the internet. Plato was one of the earliest to realize the effects of relying on something, rather than actually understanding its text and connotation. According to Plato, "[They] would be able to receive quantity information without proper instruction" (Qtd. in Carr 326). This relates to how Google is able to provide us with an abundance of information, but we necessarily do not know how to apply it. We only use it when we need it, then abandon it once we are through. We believe it will always be there so we do not think it is feasible to actually interpret it and remember it for the future. In essence, I ask: should we fear technology? Plato realized from the start that there are negative drawbacks to technology as it advances. However, will history repeat itself? Overall, I think that the internet does indeed impedes knowledge because of its unlimited access; but, it also aids us in the long term. Although the bevel can go either way, there is no equilibrium and that 's what makes the internet

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