Essay on Nicholas Carr And Clive Thompson

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This is it; a major deciding point for the human species. We are falling into a trap that will ultimately lead us towards our downfall. Our creations are covertly outsmarting us, leaving our brain frail. The day will come when we will regret the path we chose. Or is it the other way around? Will we merge with our technologies to create a virtually matchless hybrid species? Will we become intergalactic aliens that will reach the realms of heaven, assisted by our cutting edge technology? Are we making the right choice either ways? What will happen if we don’t make a choice at all?
There are numerous arguments surrounding this topic. For obvious reasons, we cannot ignore our swift advancement in technology. In fact, several inventions and creativity have been seen in the last few decades. This inevitably marks the coming of artificial intelligence. But there are two sides of this coin, our rise or downfall. Two authors in particular that provide conflicting views of this topic are Nicholas Carr and Clive Thompson. Carr embarks on the frightening road where we will end up indolent. He fears that his personal experience is just a preview of the devastation awaiting us. On the contrary, Thompson envisions our march towards dominancy. Both authors give us insights of the distant future stuffed with either greatness or annihilation.

Nicholas Carr argues that the internet is making us lethargic. He shows his experience of losing attention when reading because of the internet. But…

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