Nfl Use Native American Mascots Essay

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NFL use of Native American Mascots
Since the Washington Redskins joined the National football League, in 1936, there has been major controversy regarding the teams’ use of a Native American as a mascot. Usually team mascots are animals so many people find it offensive that the Washington Redskins chose to use the Native American culture. Some people are outraged at the fact that the NFL, or National Football League, allowed them to use a race as a mascot. The National Football League should not use the Native American culture as a mascot because it promotes racism, degrades the Native American culture, and is a representation of the lack of intercultural communication.
There are many reasons why the National Football League should discontinue the use of the Native American culture as a mascot, but there are three main reasons that raise red flags for many. One reason it should be discontinued is due to racism is the Medias use of the teams name in the Medias articles and headlines. Many people feel the media promotes the racism towards Native Americans. According to Locklear, “According to Denny (1999), the “media promotes racism by using offensive team names in newspaper headlines, television news and radio reporting” Thus the media support racism without knowing”, although the media is doing it unknowingly they should listen to the people who are offended and stop promoting racism in their articles and headlines (Locklear 155). Racism plays a major factor in the dispute…

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