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Jose A. Jilpas
Rebecca Millan
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9 December 2014

The Big HIT in the NFL:
Head injuries are changing the way the game is played
I firmly believe that the future of the NFL and all of its players is in jeopardy of being lost as the American sport as we know it simply due to the fact that too many injuries are occurring in the NFL today than what was happening in the past. Sure past players got hurt, but players now hit ten times harder, play ten times tougher, it’s obvious they are due for a serious injury, it’s just a matter of time and when, surely they make millions each year, but is all that money worth the risk of losing your life or possibly harming it?
Imagine this, you’re at your sons
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Concussions are proven to cause loss of brain functioning that can lead to physical and emotional symptoms, attention disorders, depression, headaches, nausea, and amnesia. These symptoms can last for days or week and even after the symptoms have gone, the brain still won't be completely normal. Players with multiple concussions can have drastically worsened symptoms and exponentially increased recovery time.
Michael Vick, four time pro bowler, Desean Jackson, Rookie of the Year, and Peyton Manning future Hall of Famer, have received concussions before. They come from a hard blow to the head and that's more common now in football because players hit head to head more often. According to American Medical Society for sports medicine, high school and college football has the highest concussion rates. It has been estimated in the USA 3.8 million concussions occur and 50% are not reported (Harmon pg.17).
Concussions are the NFL's biggest problem right now even in 2014, The NFL has made changes to decrease this injury by creating new helmets, rules, and tests. Concussions have caused financial troubles and now they are in progress of paying some of the Hall of Famers. According to, a group of ex players agreed to $765 million settlement for a lawsuit over concussions. It's been reported that over 4500 former players are suffering depression. If a concussion is severe, the concussion develops in the brain as a degenerative

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