Essay on Nfl : An Uncertain Future

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NFL: An Uncertain Future

Concussions have become far too common in the NFL, because helmet-to-helmet hits happen on almost every play. A huge contributor to concussions is when a player gets hit in their head by the crown of another player’s helmet. These helmet-to-helmet hits do draw penalty flags, but players are likely to continue doing it because they are used to tackling by leading with their head. Concussions are becoming more commonplace and this not only makes NFL players miss games, but can also cause more profound problems after retirement. The brain is a highly complex organ, and we do not know all details pertaining to concussions or how to prevent them in the NFL; still today, it is impossible to test for CTE (a progressive, degenerative brain disease) in a living person. This disease is the consequence of a person getting hit repeatedly in the head until they develop problems associated with memory and depression. Karimipour explains what CTE is by saying its “A neurodegenerative disease closely connected with sports-related concussions or traumatic brain injuries is chronic traumatic encephalopathy, classified as a ‘progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes with a history of repetitive brain trauma…’” (Karimipour 54). In order to learn more about CTE, the brains of former and deceased NFL players are being sent in for research. This disease has not been made a popular topic until recently; new research has come out and incidents, such…

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