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Supervisors And Labour Relations
• unions affect the ability of managers to direct various HR processes • essential that manages understand how unions operate
• supervisors need to familiarize themselves with labour laws and the collective agreement in their company

Laws Governing Labour Relations
• laws seek to create an environment in which both unions and employers can exercise respective rights
• laws reflect government policy- whether at federal or provincial levels

Common Features Of Labour Legislations
• right of people to join unions
• right of unions to be granted authority to represent employees
• requirement that employers recognize a certified union as the rightful
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f in-house committees
• application to labour relations board
• issuance of certificate by labour relations board
• election of committees and commencement of negotiations

Employer Obligations And Tactics
• cannot interfere with certification process
• prohibited from dismissing, disciplining, and threatening employees for exercising their rights to form union
• cannot promise better conditions
• cannot change conditions
• must bargain in good faith

Union Obligations and Tactics
• cannot interfere with operation of employer
• cannot coerce or intimidate
• must provide fair representation to all members of bargaining unit
• cannot engage in illegal activities

Bargaining Unit
• title given employee group that has been certified by labour relations board for collective bargaining processes

Unfair Labor Practices
• specific employer and union illegal practices that operate to deny employees their rights and benefits under labour law

Certification Procedures
• voluntary recognition
• regular certification
• prehearing votes
• contract negotiations
• decertification

Impact Of Unionization On Managers
• greater involvement in management decisions • restrictions to behaviors and actions
• formalized challenges to decisions (grievances)

Managers Toolkit
• if you have something to say to one of your employees, say it directly- and soon
• praise employees publicly; criticize in private
• remember actions speak

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