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Effects of Aging on Cognitive Development
Dawn Menard
September 7, 2015
Dr. Samantha Hickman

Effects of Aging on Cognitive Development
This news release is going to discuss and evaluate the effects of aging on cognitive development. It is also going to discuss how cognitive neuroscience and Alzheimer’s disease play a role in how memory declines with information processing and working memory. Aging and Cognitive Development
Aging plays a role on cognitive development as people get older. As people get older, their cognitive ability does not enhance but they are able to learn new things over time. One test, the Weschler test, deals with verbal and performance intelligence. These tests are rapid tests but are often
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So if adults age and get old, neural activity must decrease thus causing less information-processing to be retained in working memory. Alzheimer’s disease and cognition
However, there are other concerns with cognition, age, and neuronal loss. A major concern is the growing number of aging adults diagnosed with the brain disorder Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a very debilitating disease that causes severe memory loss. “Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible neurodegenerative disease of the brain that slowly destroys memory, thinking, and slowly declines cognition in patients” (Farlow, 2006, p. S1).
There is no known cause for Alzheimer’s disease but many researchers state that it comes from a genetic component and even from environmental hazardous exposures. “Many genetic and environmental concerns can play a factor to Alzheimer’s disease” (Farlow, 2006, p. S1).
There are other researchers who feel that cognitive declines have a lot to do with neural decrease and functioning. According to Swerdlow, (2011, p. 4), “because most people who are aged beyond their years have AB plaques, by extension in their neural systems in the brain, have Alzheimer’s disease. This does cause cognitive decline and lack of information-processing which prevents them to hold information in working memory. When people age, it gets harder and harder to retain information when they are not able to remember simple, basic things in

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