Essay News Media And How Does It Affect Our Lives

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What is news media and how does it affect our lives in everyday aspects? The news media or news industries are those elements of the mass media that focus on delivering news to the general public or a target public. In the more recent years news is delivered to anyone who wants it on their smartphone devices. But is it possible that we, as the people of America, are watching news that has a hidden bias of the supreme group of white folk? Many research institutions such as University of California at Berkeley, Sacred Heart University, University of Nevada at Reno, and The Ohio State University, have searched beyond the surface to view the news media they are used to in a new light, to write research papers on their findings, which have each shown to a fact that there is a hidden racial bias in the newsrooms that favors white people over those of color. If you asked aloud to a room of mixed racial background, whether they feel the news media is too conservative or too liberal you will receive a mixed number of answers. But the fact is it depends on which news channel you watch, as some may hide the facts to white people and conserve the knowledge of the “news”. While other news stations may claim to be equally sided (BBC news in England) it all tends to gear more toward white people and the problems, crimes, news involving them. Despite the fact on how news media strives for equality by saying people of color are the main criminals. It still has a racial biased sense because…

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