News Journal Process Paper : Workplace Violence

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News Journal Process Paper
Workplace Violence Defined
Workplace violence has been on the rise the past decade. The increase of media coverage, terrorism- foreign and domestic, and power and politics have created a world where information is shared rapidly and violence can become out of hand. Whether the reported problem appeared to be an act of terrorism- in the case of San Bernardino, a power struggle in a prison environment, or citizens doing their job only to be irritated by some disruption in their day to day lives, problems occurred. Words like “victim,” “gunman,” “incident,” “threat,” and “motive” provide clues to the construction of the article and images for the reader to create in their mind.
Characterization and Blame
The majority of the workplace violence articles I gathered described many of the perpetrators as middle aged men who were involved in acts of violence during work hours. These violent acts typically involved guns and the deaths of the victims, sometimes more than one. In a few articles, two assailants attacked workplaces or the perpetrator was a politician’s aid trying to break up a fight at a rally. The characterization of these members of society had different traits and walks of life but they all showed aggression in one form or another. Other perpetrators held positions of power such as the prison guard that made his inmates perform favors for him while under his watch.
The victims in many of the articles were reported as co-workers of the…

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