New Zealand 's Longest River Essay

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New Zealand’s longest river is the Waikato River, which runs down for 425 kilometres until it meets and flows out into the sea; not only is this the longest river in New Zealand, but it is also one of the most polluted waterways in the whole entire nation. The Waikato River start at Lake Taupo, and in a study (Waikato Regional Council, n.d.) showed that the clarity of the water passes 10 metres far in the beginning, this quickly shifts very shortly beyond Lake Taupo. Even just by the Ohaaki Bridge, the clarity of the water is awfully diminished to four metres. As we go farther onward, the water becomes progressively murkier. At Tuakau Bridge, where most of Auckland’s water supply is extracted from, when a person steps in the water at just their ankle level, it is not possible to see the feet because how polluted the water is. Waikato Regional Council (n.d.) indicated 1950’s is when large portions of the river was brimming with sewage, phosphate runoff, waste of humans and animals from farmers who are placed surrounding the river, along with the residents who live in Hamilton. The Waikato Regional Council (n.d.) also showed that the quality of water was tested from up above of the city of Hamilton in the year of 1948, the contaminants that were related to sewage was generally very close and similar. However, through the 1950’s along to the start of 1970’s, the size and population of the city expanded, the level of contamination below the city of Hamilton multiplied ten…

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