New Zealand International Tourism Industry Essay

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In New Zealand International tourism contributes $11.8 billion to the economy and is the second largest export under Dairy who contributes $14.2 billion. The tourism industry in New Zealand primarily employs over 295,908 people who all contribute customer service. In 2015 New Zealand received over 3 million visitors where only 3,900 of these visitors were asked questions related to their overall experience.

In June 2014, New Zealand 's customer service was rated a 8.9 out of 10 with 95% of people saying that their service expectations were met. In November 2015, the current state of New Zealand Tourism in terms of customer service expectations statistics are very positive. Travellers leave New Zealand with a 9.1 out of 10 satisfaction for their New Zealand experience and 94% of visitors are met with their expectations of service. New Zealand has a net promoter score of 76% which means people use word of mouth to influence other people to travel to New Zealand. Visitors who visit New Zealand already have high expectations before they visit and 41% of visitors said that their holiday exceeded their expectations/satisfaction, 53% of expectations were met with satisfaction, 4% said their experience was worse than expectations and 2% were unsure. These statistics are immense feedback to have as it shows that people employed in the tourism industry need to deliver a 10/10 experience to excel expectations of many visitors.

Visitors who are satisfied with the service in New…

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