New York 's Diversity, Personality And Joy Essay

737 Words Mar 17th, 2015 3 Pages
Love is a feeling we express through caring and loyalty. There is no love without loyalty and New Yorkers love their sports teams. The city of New York has given me a group of players to look up to since I was a child, and because of this I love my city. New York’s diversity, personality and joy are embodied in its sports teams of the which there are eight. The city celebrates when its teams win. There are parades down Broadway ”the canyon of champions” after one of the team wins. At that time all New Yorkers celebrate whether they are sports fans or not and no matter what race, or personality, everyone comes together for a city that wins. That is why the Knicks, the Yankees and the Giants standout from all the others.
New York is an extensively diverse city when it comes to race. Its sports teams are just like that too. When it comes to team, the Knicks a basketball franchise, which is extremely diverse when it comes to its players nowadays. It Contains players of all ethnicities and races. The Knicks team is very diverse compared to the old Knicks team during the early 1950’s. Then it was practically an all African-American team; since then it has changed due to the different races in its team today. Now the city has more diverse ethnicity compared to those years and they have adjusted to those changes. The Yankees are a baseball franchise not so diverse when it comes to its team members. The Yankee’s teams were all Caucasian in the early days of the franchise, but since…

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