New York New Goals : Help You Set The Goals Of Your Dreams Essay

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New Year- New Goals: 5 steps to help you set the Goals of your dreams

While I am trying to cling to 2016 (for obvious reasons), I understand that 2017 is upon us. This means it is time to start setting our goals for the New Year! Many of us have grown tired of hearing the same clichéd sayings from “New Year-New me” to “leaving that in the prior year”. These saying happen because people make New Year’s resolutions and not Goals.
Resolutions are different from Goals. Resolutions are the commercial gimmicks used to get you to buy products and services that you won’t use (i.e. gym memberships). They are inauthentic and trivial at best. Goals are personal, and thus more meaningful, they force us to go deeper. Goals are concrete, thoughtful, and rational. They are the plans of our life.

Before I give you my tips, I want to preface by saying this is what works for me. It may not work for you. So don’t try to force it to fit your life.
1) Reflect and think
Those who read my blogs, know that I spend a great deal of time reflecting and thinking. This is the first step in goal setting. Reflect on life, currently, for example; where are you at in your life; where you thought you would be; criticisms made about your life from others; and how you feel about your life. Next, think about the things that you can change or want to improve. Please be mindful, you should be very thoughtful and truthful with yourself during this process. It doesn’t matter what people say or how they make…

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