New York As A Global City Essay example

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The ride over to the other side of the island is long and there’s traffic. I sit on the bus, watching the avenues fly by as I travel down 57th street. I see the fancy shops and the tourists and even catch a glimpse of Times Square in the distance. This is the part of New York most people know, but I’m headed somewhere a bit quieter, though perhaps of equal or greater importance. Maybe it doesn 't hold the same pull that the bright lights of the center of Manhattan do, but E.B. White believed it would make New York City the capital of the world in his 1949 essay about Manhattan. The United Nations residing in the neighborhood of Turtle Bay definitely helps establish New York as a global city, if it weren’t already. Though with that weighty title, New York becomes a target, as E.B. White alludes to in his essay. The contrast is in plain view at the U.N. where a place of peace also is a target of violence. The diversity and hope of the building, having to be strictly preserved, while around the center, the neighborhood changes like the rest of Manhattan. Since 1949, when E.B. White wrote his essay, the city has changed, especially in light of 9/11. But as New York always does, it will persevere. When I finally arrived at Turtle Bay, I first noticed the neighborhood seemed quiet, although it was the middle of the work day. As I began to meander towards the U.N., I surprisingly noticed new skyscrapers permeating the area. I had assumed the neighborhood would still be fairly…

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