New Windows System Administration Position Essay

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In 2008, I conducted a job search to find a new Windows system administration position. I had ten years of experience, but I did not have any IT certifications to my name. I interviewed with a company, but they did not offer me a position. I found that my resume lacked the education to support my experience, so I decided to pursue a Microsoft IT certification. Eighteen months later, I completed earning an MCSA certification in Windows Server. I interviewed with the same company a few weeks later, and with the new certification on my resume I received a job offer. While my own experience showed that an IT certification leads to better job prospects, my research backs that claim. In my research, I found that whether obtaining a vendor-specific IT certification or a third-party certification, an IT professional found either new jobs, promotions or raises.

First, the IT professional needs to find the proper certification for the field in which he wishes to apply. CompTIA offers many certifications, starting with their A+ certification, which covers basic hardware and software operation. Since the CompTIA certifications are not specific to one particular vendor or technology, they provide a good groundwork for new IT professionals. However, if applicants know the technology upon which they wish to focus, they can select a vendor-neutral certification based on a particular technology, such as networking or security, or they can select from a vendor-specific certification from…

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