New Versus Nuclear, One Parent Vs. Family Essay

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New versus nuclear, one parent versus two parent families; both have advantages and disadvantages and both are very different from each other, yet also similar in certain respects. A family requires much to succeed, much of what parents accomplish is a result of teamwork among family and friends. There are many ways a parent chooses to house their child, both single and double families have their own list of different housing options. The child care within a family is obviously important to both family types, but they are also different in their proceedings. Every person has the chance to make a good amount of money in their lifetime, but which one, if either, has an easier time gather said needed income to provide for their children?
Home is where the heart is, but does the heart have an easier time with one family type more so than the other? According to Anila Syed (2015), “This can be anywhere. It is that feeling that when you get somewhere, you feel like you have arrived. It does not necessarily have to be your home, where your family are. You may feel most at home at a friend 's house, or you may feel most at home hidden away in the library. Where ever it is that you feel most content, that is where your heart is,” (para. 8). This points out just how much more complex a “home” really is and how no matter who someone’s guardian(s) is, they will always be there for them. A child who lives with both of their parents’ experience at home is different, yet similar, to a…

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