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New Venture Final Report Submitted: Friday, November 15, 2012 Instructor Name: Imad Kamal Lab ID #: D07 Student Names: Logan Chalkley Nikita Galaninskiy Rui Lin Zeeshan Mahmood Audrey Tulio 1 Table of Contents Executive Summary ........................................................................................................................ 2 Program for Itinerary Engineering .................................................................................................. 4

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Coming into university, students are often overwhelmed by the increased workload and freedom, and this generally leads to poor academic performance. One of the most widely recommended strategies for increasing academic performance is using your time effectively. Through effectively utilizing their time, an individual would be able to accomplish much more in the same amount of time. One of the best ways to effectively manage your time is through the creation of a day-to-day schedule. Currently, there is nothing available to assist a university student in the creation of a personalized day-to-day schedule. Program of Itinerary Engineering (PIE) allows university students to create a personalized day-to-day schedule with a few simple clicks. The service would be free for students as universities would pay PIE to purchase the service for their students. Through collaboration with universities, it would be able to ensure that we always have the updated course syllabus of all courses being offered in any given term. For a student to get a personalized schedule, they would simply login to PIE, select their courses, skill level and based on that information, PIE would be able to generate a day-to-day schedule for them to follow.


PIE’s market strategy is to provide universities with a service that is hassle free and easy for their students to use. We strive to ensure that the schedules produced are
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