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Strategy Development at New Town Council
Andy Bailey and Julie Verity
The two cases New Town Council and Castle Press, illustrate the process of strategy development within different organisational contexts. Both cases are based on the views of the strategy development process as seen by members of the respective top management teams. The New Town case describes how four members of the top management team view their strategy process. Both cases a reconstructed around two general themes. The process of strategy development and the organisational context in which it takes place.
The two cases illustrate differences in the strategy development process, demonstrating that the process of managing strategy development in one
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The chief executive had been in his role for ten years:
For the majority of my time here we have had a hung council.1 My 'management board', therefore, is a group of elected representatives who are generally interested in a common aimthe greater good of the community-but who are totally split about the way to achieve it. They also rarely make a clear decision; they simply delegate, and when they don't like the proposed solution, they block implementation. Hence, my role is to act as an interface between the party political processes of the Members of Council and my management organisation [the officers].
I have to seek to understand the party political process, interpret it and help manage things via that process. At the same time, I have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my management organisation [the officers], repair the weaknesses and build on the strengths.
Two senior officer shad been recruited to the organisation within the last five years. One was head of personnel services:
Our focus is the local community. Our strategy is based on the combined expectations of these people. Being a new town, taking over from the Development Corporation, you would expect us to have a defined vision to do with the social and physical development of New Town. The vision we have is not our own vision, we have inherited it. It is the vision of the government who decided to

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